FAQ: Dreamfall Chapters
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What platforms will the game be available on?

The game will be available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. Last updated: Wed, Feb 20 2013 8:16 am EST

How about Ouya? iOS? Android? Steambox?

We want to do it all! We are a small studio, though, and our peoples are few, so we need to do First Things First. And first off the bat will be the PC, Mac and Linux. But the Ouya looks great and we’d want nothing more than to port Dreamfall Chapters to mobile platforms…eventually. Primarily tablets, of course; we’re not sure a phone is the best place to play such a beautiful looking game. At any rate, there will be stretch goals. And we will consider all platforms. In time. Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 5:21 pm EST

And what about consoles?

Not for the time being. Unless you consider one of the above platforms to be a ‘console’, because Things Are Changing. We’d love to be on (the next) Xbox and (the soon-to-be-announced) Playstation, of course, but not at the expense of all the other platforms. So we’ll see. Nothing is impossible and everything is doable. Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 5:21 pm EST

Will Dreamfall Chapters be available in German and French?

If we meet our stretch goal at $1,250,000, then yes, it will! We hope to have both subtitles and voice-overs in German and French at launch. Last updated: Wed, Feb 20 2013 8:19 am EST

What about other languages? Polish, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Klingon?

Hopefully! We will be speaking with distributors in the various markets, to ensure that we can produce high quality localised versions of Dreamfall Chapters in a variety of languages – preferably both voice and text. Our hope is that we will have a solid selection of languages at release, with more following in the months after. (This might also be part of our stretch goals, so stay tuned.) We will absolutely be making a Norwegian language version, however. We’re a Norwegian development studio. It’s only fair. Last updated: Wed, Feb 20 2013 8:19 am EST

Will I get a key for the game on Steam and/or GOG?

We’re working on it! Regardless of those negotiations, however, we will be providing our pledgers with DRM free versions of Dreamfall Chapters through high-quality channels. Hopefully that will also include both Steam and GOG. We’ll inform all of our pledgers when we have more information. Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 5:21 pm EST

Will the game be DRM free?

We know how important this is to you guys, and we will be providing DRM free copies of the game, both digitally, on DVD and on USB, to our pledgers. Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 5:21 pm EST

How will you handle shipping outside the U.S.?

We ship worldwide. There is a shipping fee for all addresses outside the U.S. About European/EU shipping: We are right now working on figuring out the best way to ship to our European customers from within the EU, in order to avoid additional VAT and customs charges. We will not be able to ship locally everywhere, but at least we can cover Europe/EU and the U.S. Other locations will need to receive their boxes from one of those two shipping locations. We will give our pledgers a choice of where to receive their goods from, when we get closer to launch. We are confident that we’ll have a solution in place well before your boxes ship out! Last updated: Sun, Feb 24 2013 4:15 pm EST

Will this game be released in episodes?

No, Dreamfall Chapters is NOT an episodic game, despite the title. You’re pledging for a complete story, in a complete package, and the game you get on launch day is the FULL game with a beginning, a middle, and a definite end. We haven’t yet locked down the number of gameplay hours, since that depends a bit on the Kickstarter and possible stretch goals, but we’ll know more when the Kickstarter concludes. Last updated: Fri, Feb 8 2013 7:13 pm EST

Can I pledge via PayPal?

Yes! Please visit this link to pledge via PayPal: http://redthreadgames.com/chapters/ All PayPal pledges will count towards our stretch goals when the Kickstarter campaign concludes. We will update our funding total and stretch goals on our website after the Kickstarter ends. Last updated: Wed, Feb 20 2013 8:16 am EST

Will you guys be making t-shirts?

Yes, we will. We’re trying to figure out how best to produce and ship these, and we’re working on some designs, but there will be t-shirts. Last updated: Tue, Feb 19 2013 5:22 pm EST

A nose piercing? Really?

Hey, Zoë is an adult, she makes her own choices, we’re not her parents. And as for “hey, how can she have a piercing when she’s in a coma?” who says that particular model isn’t from some point later in the game? Because it totally is. But we are listening, and we do care. So here’s the deal. We’ll keep reading your comments, we’ll gauge your response, and if a lot of people want Zoë to remove the stud and keep her nose clean, we will provide that option in the game. In other words, YOU might be able to exert control over Zoë and ask her to PLEASE remove the nose stud. And she might just listen. Deal? Last updated: Fri, Feb 8 2013 6:33 pm EST

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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How does BackerKit work?

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When will my order be shipped, charged or locked?

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